More than 35 years in the service of presenting an experience


A fair, an exhibition, an event or a conference is about presenting an experience.

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Letting people perceive through their senses what you have to offer - the greater the dimensions of the experience, the greater the demands on the technology presenting it.

For more than thirtyfive years, we at Centas have dedicated ourselves to presenting a message and creating an experience. This has established us as the doyen of image and sound rental companies in Sweden. Today we offer consulting services as well as the rental and sales of AV and IT equipment for use in education, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, kick-offs and shareholders' meetings.

Over the years, we have acquired consummate skill and experience in how best to combine and utilize technology to achieve the best presentation regardless of whether it concerns a small demonstration or an international conference with several thousand people. We have our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We offer our services world-wide so that we are there when you need us.


Our various activities


Four cords and a projector, or a complete team with a mobile studio?

Based on long experience we can venture to say that no one can match our expertise. We have been in charge of both small and large events, and our technicians have long and thorough education. We know what is required.

Accordingly, you may rest assured that you will receive the best solution for your presentation, whether you want to rent a single component or would like assistance with a major event.

Centas has divided its activities into four parts in order to offer you solutions which best fit your needs. These include conferences, fairs, IT and broadcast, all with their specific requirements and special circumstances - as is true of our customers. We would like to hear about yours, too. Contact us.




A pep talk with the sales representatives or a live debate covering four continents?

It is undeniable that a conference can have many facets and, therefore, may entail many demands on the requisite technology. It can also be a matter of the appearance of the material to be presented - what type location is best suited. It may be that special lighting and sound are needed - even specially composed music at certain given junctures. Some of the participants may be on the other side of the planet but want to take an active part, all the same.

Whatever kind of conference you want to arrange, we can help you make it a momentous occasion. We not only have the technology but also the expertise to work wonders.




A stand with a shelf for a TV set or a full-scale video wall with network hookup?

At a fair there are plenty of people and things to experience. People who come to a fair are there because they are interested in certain goods and/or services. But there are many competing for their attention. If you want to catch and sustain their interest while you are making your presentation, you have to plan carefully in advance and employ the right techniques to break through the clamour and be singled out in the multitude.

We can help put you in the right light. Together we can find a solution which not only creates the best conditions for you to meet your customers but also which is simple to manage during the fair allowing you to make the best possible use of your time.




Visitor registering or real-time live broadcasting via Internet?

IT is an acronym for information technology, i.e. the technology necessary to disseminate information. The concept encompasses an array of widely different things from the registration and follow-up of fair visitors to the most sophisticated solutions permitting people around the world to monitor the very same demonstration simultaneously. Through the years, we have developed our own systems and products. Thus, we can also offer solutions which actually work when it really matters. We have quite simply developed that which we ourselves have needed.




Unplugged in Dublin or studio quality from Kiruna?

Even the simplest kind of performance may require substantial resources if it is to be transmitted to another location. Who will see the result and where? Is the performance to be edited before it is shown? Is it to be taped and saved? We provide you with professional equipment for producing live performances or recordings which will satisfy your rigorous quality requirements. If desired, we can assist you with the final result.